Street Department

CityTruck280The City Maintenance Department is responsible for the City's infrastructure, including the maintenance and repair of City streets.

Other Street Department responsibilities include: 

Pot Holes Repair
If you would like to report a hazardous pot hole, please call the Street Department at 740-852-1404 or if outside of normal business hours, the City Dispatcher at 740-852-1414. 

Snow Removal
The Street Department works hard to keep our roadways safe during times of heavy snow.  During snow emergencies, please remove vehicles parked along City's Streets so that plows can get as close to the curb as possible. 

The Street Department is responsible to ensure the City's traffic lights are in working condition. If you notice an outage please call the Street Department of City Dispatcher immediately at the numbers listed below.  Street lights are are the responsibility of Ohio Edison.  To report an outage , please call Ohio Edison at 1-888-544-4877.  

Grass Mowing
In the summer and early fall, the Street Department is responsible for mowing City property.  Per city ordinance, do not put grass clippings, yard waste or other debris onto roadways. The City provides free yard waste removal.  If you would like to take advatage of this service please call the Street Department to schedule a pick-up time. The yard waste must be bagged.  Bio-degradable bags are preferred.

Other responsibilities of the Street Department include removing dead animals from roadways, removing clogs in drainage ditches and maintaining catch basins and the storm sewers. 

Street Department: 740-852-1404
City Police Dispatcher: 740-852-1414