City of London Boards

The City of London has many voluntary citizen boards which advise City Commissioners and staff.  With their help the London continues to be a great place to live and work.

Board of Public Utilities - 6 Year Term
The Board of Public Utilities has a three member Board, responsible for the City water, sanitation and sewage utilities.  Meetings taek place on the fourth Thursday of each month, unless the date falls on a holiday.  

  • 12/31/25
  • Marc Vest 12/31/21
  • Steve Scaggs 12/31/23


Board of Zoning Appeals - 5 Year Term
The five member volunteer board, appointed by the Mayor, interprets the zoning code,  determines the acceptability of requested changes to the City Zoning Code and hears the appeals of decisions of the zoning administrator. The Board meets on the first Tuesday of the month.

  • 12/31/24
  • Zahid Siddiqi 12/31/22
  • Amy Follrod 12/31/20
  • Michelle Anderson 12/31/21
  • Donald Hawkins 12/31/23

Historic District Review Board - 3 Year Term
The Historic District Review Board was created by the City of London to apply for grants for the Downtown area.  The five memebr Board oversees a very specific area that has been outlined and adopted by City Council and meets on the second Tuesday of each month. The responsibilities of the Board are to review any application for change in color or architecture to the exterior of buildings which lie within this area. This process helps maintain a building's historic appearance and signifiance while allowing the downtown property owner to make upgrades and/or repairs to the structure. 

  • Phil Taylor 12/31/21
  • Joanne Fisher 12/31/22
  • Steve LeLonek 12/31/20
  • Lisa Jackman 12/31/22
  • Bob Minner 12/31/20