Visit London Ohio's Parks

Ohio Erie Trail

trailsThe Ohio-Erie trail is accessible from East Center Street and West High Street  in London. The trails provide a safe area for families to walk, ride bikes or recreate away from automobile and commercial traffic. 

Center Street (SR 665) Trail Head
The Center Street trail head was opened in November of 2010 after the Friends of Madison County Parks and Trails completed a 10 car parking lot and 140-foot multipurpose path to connect to the trail. The 6.5 mile portion of the trail, located within the City limits is known as Roberts-Pass, named after local leaders that spearheaded the trail project (Wayne Roberts and Gene Pass). 

West High Street (US-42) Trail Head)
The High Street trail head is located at 280 West High Street, behind the Madison County Senior Center. Visitors to the trail will be able to enjoy a shelter facility for both shade relief and picnic stops. The portion of the trail that extends from the Ciy limits to South Charleston is known as the Prarie-Grass trail. 

Before traveling on the Ohio-Erie bike trail through our community, visit the official homepage of the Friends of Madison County Parks and Trails for maps, trail news, and area attractions.