Traffic Surveys

In an effort to increase traffic safety and reduce aggressive driving violations throughout the city, we periodically utilize traffic counters to more accurately monitor vehicular speed and traffic conditions. These surveys are then reviewed to assist us to more effectively address problem areas, thus creating a more efficient effort in traffic law enforcement. If you have a concern on your street and would like a survey completed, feel free to contact our office or utilize our app, found in the app store as London Ohio Police.

Below is a list of traffic surveys completed with summary information. Click on the street name to view the summary.

Keny near Circle

Elm at school zone

Elm at Northview

N Main near Park Ave

Park at McLene

Lafayette at Braxton

W High near Westmore WB

W High St near Westmore EB

E 1st near Wayne Ave

Elm Street near Park Ave E

E 5th St near Chandler

Garfield Ave near Jacob Ln

E High St near Sharp Ave

Park St near Walnut St