City Permits

City Permit Administration

The City of London has various activities that require a city permit by ordinance. The Police Division administers the issuance of the following permits for the city: 

GARAGE SALES: Ordinance 830 requires residents to obtain a garage sale permit for $5 from the police department before holding a sale at thier property. The permit is obtainable twice in a calendar year, for three days maximum each event. 

SOLICITOR PERMITS: Solicitors are required to file an application with the police before soliciting in the city. Permits can be obtained for one year, six months or 2 weeks in duration. A background check is completed and proper identification is required. Costs of the permits are $100, $50 and $25 respectively. SOLICITOR_PERMIT_APPLICATIONsolicitor license

CONCESSION LICENSE: City Ordinance 874 requires the owner/operator of any amusement ride or concession to obtain a license for the operation of the business during any multi-day carnival, fair or festival within the City of London. This application must be submitted and approved before any such business may operate at the event held within the city. London_Concession_Application