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Established in 1811

Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP)

The purpose of the Industrial Pretreatment Program is to protect the City of London’s sanitary sewer system, the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s processes and equipment, and the Oak Creek from potential harmful discharges of pollutants from industrial and commercial sources. This is accomplished by regulating and monitoring the discharges from industrial and commercial sources to ensure that it meets the limits established.

london oh sewer ariationThe pretreatment program is mandated under the federal Clean Water Act and the U.S. EPA has delegated the program to Ohio for implementation. At Ohio EPA, the Pretreatment Unit is responsible for implementing the pretreatment program. Since local sewer control is best handled at the local level, Ohio EPA delegates program responsibilities to local governments, but also directly regulates industries when local government is unable to perform the role effectively or mandated to have an approved pretreatment program.

The authority of the Industrial Pretreatment Program can be found in chapter 1049 of City of London codified ordinance. Upon identifying a new industrial customer, this customer is sent an Industrial Waste Questionnaire to be completed and returned to the City for review. Upon completing the review of the Industrial Waste Questionnaire, an inspection may be scheduled for the facility. Once this process is complete, the City will determine if a discharge permit is required for the industrial customer.

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