City of London Law Director

city of London OH legal departmentThe City of London’s Law Director is elected by the residents of the City and serves a four year term. The Law Director must reside in the City and must be an attorney at law admitted to practice in the State of Ohio. A Legal Assistant supports and assists the Law Director as an administrative assistant, legal secretary and office manager.

The Law Director serves the City, its directors and officers as legal counsel and attorney; drafts ordinances and resolutions at the request of City Council; represents the City, its directors and officers in all complaints, lawsuits, and controversies in which the City, its officers and directors are named; responds to written requests for legal opinions from the City’s officers and directors; and serves as the City’s prosecuting attorney in the Madison County Municipal Court for misdemeanor offenses occurring within the City.


Jennifer Hitt
Law Director


Janel Becker
Legal Assistant


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Law Director provide legal counsel to private citizens/residents of the City?
No. The Law Director serves as legal counsel to the City, its officials and directors. The scope of representation of City officials and directors is limited to the performance of their duties with the City. If you feel you need legal advice concerning a dispute between you and another private citizen/resident of the City, you should seek the advice and counsel of your own attorney.

Does the Law Director investigate crime and receive complaints concerning criminal conduct?
No. The Police Department handles investigations of crimes and criminal acts in the City. If you believe you are a victim of crime or are aware of a violation of the Ohio Revised Code or the City of London’s Codified Ordinances, you should contact the Police Department. Once a criminal case has begun, you should contact the Law Director to schedule an appointment to discuss the case.

Does the Law Director receive complaints concerning the performance of duties by City employees and officials?
No. If you are not satisfied with your contact with a City employee or official, you should contact that employee’s immediate supervisor and inform the supervisor of your dissatisfaction. The supervisor will address the matter in accordance with established policies and procedures.

What is the best way to reach the Law Director?
It is best to contact the office by telephone or by email and schedule an appointment with the Law Director. An appointment will ensure that you have the undivided attention of the Law Director.

Contact the Law Director

city of london ohioThe law office is located at at 20 S. Walnut Street, Suite 102 in London .

Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Appointments are available outside those hours as needed.

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